Are you seeing reduced reimbursements from payors?
Are you experiencing rising operational costs?

Physician Solutions offers several programs for physicians and their practices as an alternative to the traditional healthcare delivery model. By participating in one of these programs, physicians have the ability to maximize insurance reimbursements, negotiate contracts, and improve the quality of care they are providing. These programs were developed by the Physician Solutions team, individuals who are ingrained in healthcare and understand first-hand the operational support physicians need to succeed. Our solutions allow physicians to stay in control of their own practices while providing them with the resources to build a sustainable and profitable organization in today’s healthcare environment.

Physician Solutions for Business Include:

Captive Management

Medical Group Purchasing

Clinically Integrated
Network Management

Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

The success of your practice depends largely on the proper management of billing services and the revenue cycle process as a whole. The Physician Solutions RCM team will review your current medical billing processes, policies, and procedures to identify inefficiencies and areas of improvement, including scheduling, credentialing, contracting, collections, and more. We share our scope of knowledge in practice operations, compliance, billing regulations, and IT with physicians and their administrative teams to ensure they are able to maximize reimbursements and reach optimal revenue results for the practice. Physician Solutions has partnered with a variety of medical billing softwares, and can recommend the best fit for your practice.

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