Our story

Founded on the eve of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, PIER Practice Solutions’ first leap into the healthcare community included outreach and localized services for physicians and hospitals across New Jersey in the disastrous aftermath of the storm. Since then, PIER’s mission has been to deliver innovative professional solutions to build successful physician practices by improving and simplifying providers’ lives.

In 2023, PIER was restructured to focus on the independent physician market in the form of our current company, Physician Solutions. 

Our Philosophy

Healthcare today has become more of a business than it ever has. In their years of medical school and extensive training, physicians receive very little education on entrepreneurship and business; yet, physicians are often the owners of multi-million dollar organizations, leaving them in a position of potential weakness as this may not be an area they are well-versed in. Navigating the complicated healthcare system is challenging to take on alone, and shouldn’t be a source of weakness for the practice.

At Physician Solutions, our goal is to simplify managing your practice and all of the tasks and decisions that come along with it. Business decisions like insurance, staffing, billing, acquisitions, and other administrative requirements do not need to be the sole responsibility of the provider. With more efficient operations, physicians can realize increased earnings, better staff retention, and less burnout.

We offer several solutions and levels of engagement for physician practices depending on their needs and goals. The strategy we deploy for each practice is often not a one-time solution, but rather a long-term partnership. Physician collaboration is crucial to our approach, ensuring the solutions we are presenting are sustainable and that we are positioning you and your practice for long-term success.

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